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Edward Scissorhands is the main protagonist of the 1990 film of the same name. He was made by a very old inventor. The inventor gave him everything but one thing: hands. Sadly, the inventor died before Edward could be completed. Seventeen years later, an Avon lady named Peg Boggs finds Edward and brings him to a colorful land called Suburbia. There, Edward shows his true talent by cutting hair, grooming pets and making beautiful ice and topiary sculptures. He also falls in love with Peg's beautiful daughter. Most of the neighborhood grows to accept and love the strange newcomer, but his innocent morals and unusually kind nature makes it clear that he does not fit in within the 'normal' world. There is a dramatic showdown with Jim, Kim's abusive boyfriend, and a series of misunderstandings lead the town to shun him as dangerous outsider. At the end of the film, Edward goes back to his lonely castle home, and Kim kisses him and tells him that she loves him. She then tells the town that Edward and Jim killed each other, ensuring that Edward will be left in peace forever. The last moments of the film reveal how much Edward's brief presence changed both the town and Kim. 

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