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Edward is the protagonist of Tim Burton's movie "Edward Scissorhands" . He is an artificial man made by an inventor living in a Gothic mansion.The inventor was about to make the hands of Edward for the finish touch but he died of a heart attack. Although he is not like other people, he has many things similar to humans. As the movie proceeds, he falls in love with a beautiful teenager named Kim. He is firstly spotted by Kim's mom, Mrs. Boggs, who takes her to the neighborhood. He is quite liked by everyone due to his great talents with his scissor-hands. Some people used him for illegal action such as Kim's boyfriend Jim, due to his innocence. At some point in the movie he is declared as an outcast by everyone except the Boggs family. Kim starts liking him and realizes that Edward is a very gentle person unlike Jim. At the end, he goes back to his house and stays there. It is believed in the movie, that he is immortal because he is an artificial person.

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